What's the difference between Analogue HD and IP?

The main difference between analogue HD and IP (PoE) camera Systems, is that IP Systems generally offer more features in terms Low Light illumination and onboard processing, the resolution that IP based systems can offer is usually higher than HD systems (although HD cameras with 5MP resolution are now available). IP systems can now out 4K UHD resolutions.

IP Systems usually offer double the frame rate of their HD counterparts, the onboard processing capabilities usually means IP cameras typically cost twice as much as an equivalent HD Analogue ones.

All our Hikvison IP systems offer connection via Power over Ethernet (PoE) which means that a single cable is required to connect the camera to the recorder, for Analogue HD systems, power must be sent via a dedicated power supply, cameras cannot be powered by the recorder.

HD CCCTV systems are ideal where budget is key, they are low cost, high definition solutions, costing much less than their IP counterparts and offer great value for money.